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Radiant tubes

We have studied and developed a particular application for PANRAD radiant tubes suitable to heat environments of a considerable length.
This is RED LINE: a PANRAD installation with a only centralized exhausting unit. 

Suitable to heat environments of a considerable length.

Example of layout with a RED-LINE radiant heating, consisting of two independent radiant lines, each one having three burners and an aspirator at the end of the circuit, as shown in the hereto layout.
1. Burner
2. Aspirator 

Example of installation with RED-LINE having four burners connected to an aspirator at the end of the line (see the hereto layout)
1. Burner
2. Aspirator

RED-LINE uniform heat and high flexibility ensure great heating comfort, efficiency and low costs.
RED-LINE allows to make long circuits having excellent radiant performance.
RED-LINE radiant circuits ensure a uniform coverage of the premises, thanks to the presence of many PANRAD burners along the circuit.
The RED-LINE circuit is controlled by an automatic thermal regulator which ensures the compliance with the set temperature.


The industry requires powerful cooling systems and effective, because the livability has a direct influence on the productivity of people. At the same time, however, for large spaces and volumes at stake, every company must be able to rely on maximum efficiency, to avoid wastage and consequent unsustainable costs.
A radiant system Fraccaro can reduce energy consumption up to 60%, with a sharp cut of the energy burden on the budgets.
Read in detail the irradiation benefits for your business.