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Radiant panels insertable into mineral fibre drop ceilings

The PLAFORAD Q panel provides the maximum design freedom thanks to its several aesthetic solutions for any kind of environment and intended use. Thanks to its flatness PLAFORAD Q enables to match it with all the typologies of drop ceiling existing on the market. The panels are dimensioned to take up the minimum room and may be easily integrated in the existing lighting and ventilation installations. It is available in four sizes (1200x596 - 1800x596 - 2400x596 - 3000x596 mm) entirely integrable in any kind of ceiling. Download our BIM models from MagiCloud


At home or in the office workplace, physical comfort is a key element of quality of life and health.
With a radiant system Fraccaro, you know to choose the right heat for your space, and you warrant that the convenience and energy saving technology designed for efficiency.
Discover all the reasons to prefer the radiation to heat your home or your office.