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Infrared emitters for worship places

    • Sunrad infrared emitter for heating churches and other worship placesinstallation of Sunrad infrared emitters as heating system in a church

Thanks to its limited dimensions, its pleasant look and simple fastening and orienting elements, SUNRAD emitters play a fundamental role in church heating.
Suitable to be installed in all religious site, nowadays SUNRAD heat churches and basilicas among the most important artistic heritage. To minimize the visual impact of SUNRAD emitters, hiding hooks can be installed to cover the emitters when they are switched off 

SUNRAD infrared emitters combine advanced technique features with a particular care for beauty, and for this reason they have been declared compatible with the Italian National Institute of Fine Arts.
SUNRAD emitters guarantee:

  • Flexible installation
  • Quick full operation
  • Practical and easy use
  • Limited operation costs

The infrared energy from SUNRAD emitters has no photochemical effect and it goes downwards heating floor, walls and people passing through the air.
No air and dust masses which might affect artistic works.
Each Sunrad is provided with ceramic static burner and a control system. Thanks to its limited dimensions and nice pleasant look, Sunrad are installed on the top side of the cornice in the church.
Finally a gas and electrical connections are required.
All these things without any intervention in the building structure.

Duomo di Castelfranco Veneto with Sunrad emitters 

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Infrared emitters to heat terraces and patios
Thanks to their reduced sizes and nice aesthetic, SUNRAD infrared emitters are an ideal solution for the heating of outdoor public areas such as terraces, patios, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants. SUNRAD provide homogeneous and smooth heat and guarantee a considerable energy saving in comparison to alternative solutions like electrical heaters.


See technical data based on Ecodesign regulation here.


The places of worship are among the most distinctive structures. Intended to moments of recollection and encounter for the community, they require an optimal comfort and a discreet operation. By contrast, the historical and artistic value of these sites need to be preserved, with devices that do not visually impair the architecture and do not require invasive installations.
Find out in detail the advantages of irradiation for places of worship.