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Fraccaro’s philosophy

Our guiding principle has always been “knowing how to get the job done right”.

In essence, this means that to achieve success a company must never fail to acquire a sufficient internal set of skills and abilities. These qualities should not be limited to abstract theoretical design, which is disconnected from the production process.
In the global marketplace, where increasingly competitive suppliers offer their products to those that produce their own components, a company must be smart enough to look beyond the profit motive.
Maintaining the main stages of production in-house is a true investment in the future, as they are the cornerstones whereby R&D can be used to build true know-how.
Thus, as a state-of-the-art company, Fraccaro has managed to leverage the opportunities that came its way, allowing it to be more competitive also in the client’s interest. Meanwhile, the company has drawn abundantly on its own legacy, while remaining in charge of the production process.
Direct contact through daily experience has provided us with product knowledge that enables us to offer each client much more than just an air-conditioner.


The environment: a non-negotiable value

The other cornerstone underlying our work has always been respect for the environment.
At a time when nobody was talking about environmental sustainability, Fraccaro was already committed to developing energy-efficient technology with a low environmental impact.
This is a legacy investment that still remains intact, since we believe that the quality of life is a precious commodity that should be pursued with foresight.
Our goal as a company is to offer increasingly efficient air-conditioning systems capable of creating well-being in the present without jeopardizing the well-being of future generations.