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Hot water panels

WATERSTRIP radiant panels are suitable for heating large industrial and civil buildings by radiation. They are the best solution where low-noise operation, no air flow, and no dust circulation are required. WATERSTRIPs are suitable to heat rooms housing inflammable mixtures without any problem. No air flow and low stratification ensure low running costs. 

The new WP series provide the same reliability and flexibility which distinguish Fraccaro products. Their main characteristics are:

  • Tubes Ø22 mm: Zinc plated steel tube Ø22 mm, which is the nominal size suitable for all the 22 mm press-fittings
  • Prepainted panel: zinc plated prepainted radiant panel with double protection
  • Self supporting frame: lateral and central
  • Flexibility in the installation: Great flexibility in the installation as it is possible to anchor the panels either through fix crossbars every 1,5 m or through sliding hooks
  • Asymmetric manifolds: Asymmetric manifolds for a balanced flow which helps a better uniformity of the temperature in the panel

Building 50m x 20m x 7m h.

Zinc plated prepainted radiant panel with double protection.

WATERSTRIP radiant panels are thought to be connected by press-fittings, allowing a very quick installation and a safe tightness after years of operation.
The press fitting between pipes and between pipe and manifold guarantee a perfect tightness.
The diameter of the pipes (22 mm) comply with the dimensional features required by the majority of press fitting producers. This type of connection can be used with water temperature up to 110°C and working pressure up to 10 bar.

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The industry requires powerful cooling systems and effective, because the livability has a direct influence on the productivity of people. At the same time, however, for large spaces and volumes at stake, every company must be able to rely on maximum efficiency, to avoid wastage and consequent unsustainable costs.
A radiant system Fraccaro can reduce energy consumption up to 60%, with a sharp cut of the energy burden on the budgets.
Read in detail the irradiation benefits for your business.