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Industrial air curtains

When doors are opened, a large amount of cold air enters buildings with heating equipment.
This causes a number of different problems, including considerable waste of energy caused by a decrease in temperature inside working areas as well as adverse effects on workers’ health (cold-induced diseases).
Fraccaro’s 40-year experience in energy saving heating equipment is the basis for the development of DEFENDER air curtains, which help to solve all problems caused by frequently opened doors in buildings where heating or cooling equipment is installed.


  • Saving: no heat loss due to open doors, average 38% energy savings.
  • Hygiene: a solution particularly appreciated in the food sector, since it prevents insects from entering.
  • Safety: it does not disrupt loading and unloading operations, movement of people, or operating facilities.


  • Eliminates heat loss outside when doors are opened
  • Prevents heat from escaping and wasting energy by avoiding sudden changes in temperature that have an adverse effect on people's health
  • Air in the upper part of an environment (already hot) is used, and displaced downward
  • 230 VAC single-phase 3-speed electric motor
  • Wide range of models, versions, accessories, and solutions:
    • BA-E: only air versions
    • BA-E: only air versions with electrical resistance (230/400 VAC)
    • ATR-BAR: versions with water battery
  • Adjustable bracket allowing for a variety of inclinations depending on door features
  • Doors of any size can be equipped by combining a number of different units.

They are the most effective in keeping the internal temperature stable. They need a distributing channel in reinforced concrete

There are also LATERAL or VERTICAL air curtains without any required intervention in the building structure


  • DEFENDER air curtains help to reduce heat loss when doors are open.
  • DEFENDER air curtains protect workers’ health from cols temperature.
  • When doors are open, the internal temperature remains stable without any use of extra heating devices.
  • No extra heating sources are necessary inside the building.


The industry requires powerful cooling systems and effective, because the livability has a direct influence on the productivity of people. At the same time, however, for large spaces and volumes at stake, every company must be able to rely on maximum efficiency, to avoid wastage and consequent unsustainable costs.
A radiant system Fraccaro can reduce energy consumption up to 60%, with a sharp cut of the energy burden on the budgets.
Read in detail the irradiation benefits for your business.