radiant ceiling hospital

The demand of radiant ceilings for heating and cooling is growing in hospitals. PLAFORAD radiant ceilings, in addition to the silent operation and the uniform temperature distribution, do not generate convective motions. These important characteristics are essential for this kind of environment, in particular the near absence of air movements, in fact PLAFORAD ceiling avoids uncomfortable air currents to patients during hospitalization and limits to the maximum the movement of dust, bacteria and viruses making the environment most hygienic. Radiant ceiling guarantees high efficiency and a great energy saving both in heating and in cooling, furthermore the maintenance of the radiating components is minimized, with lower maintenance costs and lower waste of time. Fraccaro recently installed PLAFORAD radiant ceilings at Santa Maria Degli Angeli Hospital in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), in the pediatric ward of S. Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza and in the neonatal unit of Pordenone Hospital.

Diego Filippin