Radiateurs soufflants de climatisation

Air conditioning fan heaters

In line with recent HVAC trends, FRACCARO offers a universal unit for medium-sized and large industrial and commercial buildings which combines year-round heating and air-conditioning functions.
Distinguishable by its original rounded shape, AFRA stands out above all for its technical features (all models are equipped with three-speed motors and configured for operation with chilled water) and one of the lowest noise levels you will find in the market.
The AFRA series comprises 18 models, all designed to be wall mounted (horizontal air flow) and to operate with hot water and chilled water, thanks to an innovative condensate collection and drainage system.
If used for heating only, AFRA can also be ceiling mounted (vertical air flow).
The units are available in 6 sizes with 2-, 3- or 4-row heat exchangers ensuring an efficient performance with hot water supplied by a boiler or heat pump (4-row models).


All motors are tropicalized, equipped with internal thermal protection (klixon), windings in class F, grade of protection IP 55.
Two Speeds, 4/6 poles or 6/8 poles, in the three – phase 400V version.
Upon request, the following equipment is available:

  • three phase
  • 4/8poli
  • flameproof

Axial Fan with statically balanced sickle blades housed in a specially designed compartment that enhances ventilation and reduces noise emissions.
Safety grille made of electrogalvanised steel wire:
it supports the motor and is fixed to the cabinet by means of vibration damping supports.


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A pre – painted sheet steel cabinet complete with ABS corner trim, internally insulated to prevent condensate from forming on the cabinet during operation with chilled water.
The cabinet is complete with adjustable aluminium louvers (spring – operated) placed on the air outlet which enable an optimal distribution of air within the air conditioned room.
On the rear of the cabinet there are 4 brackets for suspending the fan heater from the ceiling or joining it to the mounting board for installation on the wall (accessory).
High conductivity heat exchanger made with coppper piping and aluminium fins assuring higher heat exchange than standard iron piping exchangers.The heat exchanger is set back in relation to the air outlet, an auxiliary drip tray is fitted on to the front to guarantee complete collection of condensate.
Galvanised sheet steel drip tray insulated with closed – cell polyurethane, connected to the auxiliary tray.