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Radiant heating for your company

Choosing a radiant heating system for your company is the correct decision for many reasons.

A liveable environment translates into psychological and physical well-being of the people who work with you, and this means greater productivity: a heating technology must therefore offer high performance.

It’s also imperative for each company to optimize spending, which means that your ideal system needs to be installed, operated and maintained with sustainable costs, both direct or indirect.

For these reasons, a heating system with radiant strips or ceiling tubes is the smartest choice for large and small-scale industrial and craft enterprises.

risparmio radiante soffitto
  • Radiation is the most efficient way to transmit heat, as it always offers optimum thermal comfort, even amid difficult conditions, such as open areas near the exterior of a building or very cold environments.
  • Radiant heating focuses heat in lower areas at man-height. In industrial environments, which are usually higher than dwellings, this means big savings.
  • Radiant elements do not heat the air, but rather objects and people, thus reducing the start-up time and effective heating. This means that thermal comfort is more immediate.
  • Given that a radiant installation does not have to heat the air or architectural elements before supplying effective heat to people, a radiant system allows for high energy conservation, with savings of up to 60%.
  • Heating products and empty areas of an enterprise is a useless expense: with radiant heating, there is no longer any need to heat the entire environment. Spot heating is another option: it directs more heat toward frequented areas, and less to areas occupied by goods and machinery.
  • Radiation does not create air masses that coalesce in areas where they are not needed, such as the ceiling: the absence of thermal stratification makes it possible to provide heating with lower energy expenditure.
  • A radiant appliance directs heat downward and does not use hot air: this makes it possible to avoid heat losses toward exits and accumulation in areas of greatest dispersion, such as the ceiling.
    Condensation models ensure even higher efficiency and allow for tax breaks of up to 65% for restructuring.
  • Radiation keeps the air cleaner compared to conventional systems because it does not produce any air convective motion that raises dust and keeps it suspended.
  • An environment without thermal stratification is healthier for people because it distributes uniform heat to the body, avoiding harmful differences in temperature, such as overheated legs when underfloor heating is used.
  • Radiant heat is natural, i.e. the same way as we receive it from the sun, and its reduced energy consumption make it a more sustainable choice also for the environment, on which everyone’s health depends.
  • Fraccaro air-conditioners are controlled by digital systems and by remote control, making it easy to manage the functions and optimize the installation with precision and the proper consumption.
  • A radiant system is easy to install, so it reduces the time and efforts required for commissioning, and therefore costs.
  • Maintenance of radiant elements and assembled parts is easier, and this affects the day-to-day activity of the company as well as the cost side.
  • Radiant appliances can be installed without fear even in extremely cold environments and without the risk of disrupting services or the need to make costly repairs.
For the industrial sector
For the industrial sector

The industry sector requires powerful and effective heating systems, since the quality of the environment has a direct influence on people's productivity.

Residential and Tertiary
Residential and Tertiary

At home, as well as in the workplace, thermal comfort is a fundamental element for the quality of life and health.

For greenhouses and Iivestock breedings
For greenhouses and Iivestock breedings

Livestock breeding and greenhouses are specialized environments, with particular needs related to the presence of living organisms.

For the railway sector
For the railway sector

The railway transport industry needs large heated spaces to ensure adequate comfort to technicians, which carry out maintenance work on the rolling stock, important to guarantee the safety of all travelers.

For places of worship
For places of worship

The places of worship are the most peculiar environments. Intended for moments of recollection and meeting of the community, they require optimal comfort and good functioning, taking care not to compromise the architecture of the place with invasive installations.

For the aviation industry
For the aviation industry

The aviation industry needs large hangars to store and maneuver aircraft easily. These environments need to be heated and cooled in order to guarantee the adequate comfort for the technicians.