Placing your trust in an industry leader means gaining access to a range of services that goes far beyond the high-quality product.

Customer service is a pillar of the Fraccaro project, since success neither begins nor ends with commissioning. A superior system is one that is capable of offering the maximum benefits, quality, and time savings.
In areas ranging from analysis to design, or from installation to maintenance, our client can rely at any time on the abilities of a qualified technical team, which always stays abreast of recent developments.

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Our company has developed high-level technical expertise in the area of radiant heating and this is especially useful when it comes to selecting the best technological solution.

Indeed, our technical office is entirely at your disposal and will be pleased to help you choose the best heating system.

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At the client’s request, Fraccaro can install the units. Our teams of specialized technicians are capable of providing maximum safety and precision.

Having Fraccaro’s technical team install a heating system ensures not only total safety and precision in the process, but also flexibility and rapidity of the solutions. Our company, which has become increasingly attentive to the quality and production cycle of its products, secured UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for the design, production, sales, installation and technical assistance, OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety, and UNI EN ISO 14000 for environmental management related to all activities conducted.

In addition, Fraccaro obtained SOA certification, thus allowing the company to work with public entities.

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Our work does not end with providing or installing a system, as we are well aware that air-conditioning impacts the daily activity of a company.

For this reason, we have set up a product support network capable of rapidly solving any technical problem related to our systems.

After-sales technical assistance is Fraccaro’s authentic added value, ensured by a widespread network of authorized service centers and highly qualified staff throughout Italy and abroad.