Fraccaro radiant solutions

Your life radiates well-being

Human beings experience a sense of profound well-being and relaxation if they feel safe and protected from the elements in a place with the proper temperature.
This feeling, which is commonly referred to as thermal comfort, is a fundamental need not only for the body, but also for the positive psychological effect from being in a comfortable and welcoming place.

A radiant system is a better way to address this fundamental need than conventional air-conditioning systems, as it offers many advantages both in terms of comfort and health.

Fraccaro radiant solutions

For comfort

Intense pleasure of feeling warmth on your skin

Have you ever paused to warm yourself in the sun or in front of an open fireplace? A radiant system transmits heat according to the same principle (link > advantages – radiant technology), and directly heats a person’s body. The feeling of heat obtained in this way is more intense and pleasant compared to a conventional equipment that heats the air in a room.

More immediate heat where needed

The radiation principle on which Fraccaro installations run, makes it possible to direct heat: in this way the pleasant effects can be focused on downward where people congregate.
This also means that it is not necessary to wait for the air in the room to heat up to start feeling warm, as a radiant installation can be quickly activated, thus offering immediate thermal well-being.

Silent, natural, and eco-friendly air-conditioning

Radiant technology does not require ventilation to distribute heat. This means that the installations are totally noise-free, making environments more liveable.
And finally, by imitating the principle of heat emitted by the sun, radiant heating systems are completely natural, requiring lower energy consumption, which translates into a smaller environmental impact.

Fraccaro radiant solutions

Good for your health

Conventional technologies, such as radiators and convectors, need to heat the air in a room before people can experience a comfortable temperature. This gives rise, among other things, to convective motion, with hot air masses that rise and cold air that falls.

By contrast, the absence of convective motion provided by a radiant installation keeps the air cleaner, since it avoids raising and suspending dust and harmful particles, thus preventing respiratory tract disorders, allergies, asthma, etc.

Furthermore, in terms of temperature perceived by people, a radiation heated environment offers fresher air quality that is more pleasant. This also prevents the air from becoming excessively dry, which can cause people to experience various kinds of disturbances.