Fraccaro radiant solutions

Energy conservation in everyone's best interests

At a time when environmental mindedness had not yet emerged as the guiding principle in production choices, as is the case nowadays, Fraccaro was already wholeheartedly committed to achieving high energy savings.

The driving force behind our commitment was and is the awareness that the choices we make in the energy field regard not only us, but also the entire planet. By applying continuous innovations in the air-conditioning sector, we are currently capable of offering systems that contribute to environmental protection for generations to come, while offering our clients the immediate benefit of up to 60% savings on their usual energy costs.

Fraccaro radiant solutions

Total efficiency

Compared to conventional air-conditioning technology, radiant systems offer high thermal yields, so in terms of heat produced, this translates into greatly reduced fuel consumption.

Furthermore, radiant appliances can focus heat only where it is needed, i.e. in the low areas of an environment actually occupied by people. It is also possible to avoid heating an entire area if it is not completely used, by activating spot heating.

And finally, radiant installations do not generate upward stratification of hot air, resulting in large quantities of useless heat near the ceiling, where the greatest amount of dispersion occurs.

A technology that is not a burden on pockets or the environment

Fraccaro radiant solutions

Utter simplicity

Management and maintenance: it's easy to save

Aside from the intrinsic advantages of the radiant principle, Fraccaro’s advanced systems make it possible to rationalize and carefully plan operations, also by way of remote control and digital control. These options, alongside ease of installation and maintenance, with the resulting savings of time and money, ensure further cost reduction, both directly and indirectly, when operating the system.