Installation at EAE Elektrik (Alexandrov, Vladimir region, Russia)

Impianto presso la EAE Elektrik (Alexandrov, regione di Vladimir, Russia)

Another successful work in the Russian Federation for FRACCARO company. In the Russian-Turkish company EAE Elektrik 4 GIRAD radiant belts are installed. The total heated area is 5000 m2 and the heating capacity is 1100 kW. EAE Group is a leading manufacturing company in Turkey in the field of electrical products. In this plant, opened in 2014 in the industrial park near the city of Alexandrov, energy-saving LED, fluorescent fixtures and wiring systems are manufactured for the Russian-Turkish market. Equipment installed: Girad radiant belts Quantity of Girad: 3 units of GSR300 model and 1 unit of GSR100 model. Total heating capacity: 1100 kW Heated area: 5,000 m2 Installation Height of equipment: 9 m


Diego Filippin