Installation to Granitifiandre Spa (Italy)

Installation works for 3 Girad radiant belts condensing units has just concluded to the new plant in Sassuolo (MO) of GranitiFiandre Spa, a leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware that operates in more than 100 worldwide countries. This new installation is in addition to many other Girad systems installed by Fraccaro in the last two years, in the three factories in Castellarano (RE), for a total of 20 Girad radiant belt systems installed, of which 7 are condensing units. Girad’s condensing unit achieves total efficiency averaging over 107%. This result, alongside the performance of radiant belts with air-gas modulating burner, offers the best solution for industrial heating. The Girad radiant modules with a condensing unit (European Patent n° 94115945.1) recovers nearly all of the latent heat coming from the vapor produced in the combustion of gaseous fuels, and in particular of natural gases. The recovered heat is released into the atmosphere through air heaters. The total savings produced by a Girad condensing unit may reach 65% compared to conventional hot air heating systems.


Diego Filippin