Radiant Tubes

Radiant Tubes

Heating equipments suited for all industrial environments with great height (form 4 to 20 meters) or with high thermal dispersion.
It includes a burner unit and a heat exchanger tube which reaches the temperature of 400 ÷ 550 °C, providing very high radiation efficiency, also by means of the reflecting cover located over the tubes, which focuses the thermal flow downwards.
By means of a centralized equipment control system it is possible to heat only the areas concerned by operations.


  • A much healthier environment, as no moving air causes suspension of dust, common to all production processes.
  • A very comfortable environment since Fraccaro’s PANRADs generate environmental conditions that ensure maximum well-being, by integrating the heat released by the human body through radiation.
  • High thermal emission generated by the higher available surface temperatures and the high reflection coefficient provided by the reflecting dishes that reflect heat downward.
  • Quick, easy installation obtained by very simple assembly and rapid ceiling installation with normal chains.
  • No floor or wall space is necessary, because the appliances are installed on the ceiling, and high radiation emission drastically reduces the area required for the heating bodies.
  • No danger of frost, as the lack of carrying fluids such as water or steam makes it possible to shut down systems for long periods without any unpleasant consequence.
  • Uniform temperature: the heat produced by the Radiant Modules ensures uniform temperature horizontally throughout the building – better than any type of traditional heating.
  • Environment-friendly: very low CO and Nox emissions.
  • Negative thermal gradient: the heat is concentrated fully toward the floor.
  • You can heat individual work zones by activating only the appliances heating those zones, just as easily as lighting lamps to illuminate a particular area. This facility cuts down running costs considerably.
  • Minimum maintenance due to the reliability of each component and exact checks on assembly line and in-house laboratory in compliance with EU directives. All this guarantees high reliability and safety over a long period.
  • With this system in Italy you qualify for regional subsidies on energy saving (Law 10/91) due to highly economic running.
  • Rapid warming due to lack of intermediate fluids.

More info

PANRAD radiant tube Modules are now internationally supplied. The PANRAD radiant tube range consists essentially of a heat production unit with thermal power range of 10 to 50 kW, a system of radiating tubes of 6-9-12 meters (19.7-29.5-39.4 feet) in length, plus control and safety devices. The combustion unit burns the air/gas mixture, and the split flame heats the fluid that circulates inside the radiating tube system consisting of a delivery tube, a U-connection and a return tube.
A suction unit under the return tube creates low pressure inside the tubes and, as a result, the fluid is conveyed through all the radiating tubes, which, in turn, begin to radiate.
A reflecting dish in aluminium alloy installed above the emitting tubes ensures that radiation is fully concentrated toward the floor and the objects on it. This dish recovers all radiation that would be otherwise lost in the upper areas of the building.
Burner: the burners designed by FRACCARO S.r.l. are all air-tight, combustion air is sucked in from outside, burned gas is discharged outside, and the values of CO and NOx emitted into the atmosphere are well below the most restrictive European limits.
Radiant Tube: the maximum temperature, reached through the effect of burned gas circulating inside the tube, is very high and amounts to approximately 500°C (842°F) at the hottest point. The delivery tube is connected to the return tube by a union head. A compensating expanded section is connected to the head, serving to balance the greater thermal expansion of the delivery tube with respect to the return tube.
Reflector: the reflecting dish is very important because the higher the quantity of radiating heat reaches the floor, the lower the system operating costs are. The reflector is in aluminium alloy with mirror finish, and has an absorption coefficient of 0.04. The Fraccaro range also includes reflectors in hammered aluminium suitable for very low-level installations; reflectors with fibreglass insulation for extra recovery of lost heat, reflectors in stainless steel INOX for installation in areas where highly corrosive substances are machined.
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See technical data based on Ecodesign regulation here.


Examples of radiant heating layout using PANRAD radiant tubes.

pitpanrad 6 panrad schemi

This is just an example of the possible applications using PANRAD radiant tubes


tabella panrad