Industrial incandescent emitters for industrial process

Industrial incandescent emitters for industrial process

SUNRAD infrared emitter brings all the advantages and benefits of radiant heating together with the possibility of a heating transmission from high heights (up to 30 meters). It heats surfaces creating great comfort, without air masses movement, dust circulation and stratification of hot air under the ceiling. SUNRAD emitters offer a self-adjusted service according to the thermal balance of the area, maintaining a constant comfortable temperature and avoiding any waste of energy and installation difficulties. 


  • Quick setting in motion
  • Great thermal comfort
  • Considerable energy saving
  • Reliable and with reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Flexible positioning and use
  • No air and dust movement
  • No noise


Examples of installations with SUNRAD infrared emitters 

Sunrad ad incandescenza

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SUNRAD emitter consists of:

  • a radiant unit made of a holed ceramic plate, where the temperature can reach 900°C
  • a control unit, a solenoid valve and an electrode block acting like an ignition element and a flame sensor through the ionisation of the air
  • a steel reflector to concentrate the radiant heat towards the area to be heated

as all the other appliances, SUNRAD does not heat the air, but rather things and people, thus the time necessary for the system to become fully operational is very short.
This appliance, thanks to its small dimensions, can also be installed in particular architectural structures, where the SUNRAD needs to be either invisible or properly camouflaged.
The installation of SUNRAD appliances comply with the norm UNI EN 13410
The two-stage Sunrad emitters ensure an excellent thermal comfort.
See technical data based on Ecodesign regulation here.