Girad Hybrid

Radiant strips with hybrid unit

Radiant strips with hybrid unit

GIRAD HYBRID is the most advantageous configuration in the market for heating and cooling large environments. Girad Hybrid combines radiant heating with GIRAD condensing radiant strips and heat pump powered by a renewable source.

The strength of the GIRAD HYBRID radiant strips is the possibility of using the two most efficient systems when needed: the radiant heating system starts when outside temperatures in winter are very low, while heat pump operates when outside temperatures are mild and hot.

The cost of Girad Hybrid is cheaper in comparison with other types of industrial HVAC systems such as rooftops and VRF/VRF systems. The operating costs of Girad Hybrid sytem are also much lower than an traditional air system, optimizing the use of energy.

The Girad Hybrid system is composed by:

Digital smart control system: the GIRAD condensing radiant strips interacts with the heat pump to ensure the best energy performance and the lowest energy consumption.

The high induction fancoils: in the mid-seasons and in winter, they introduce hot air obtained by the condensation of combustion fumes and by the heat pump; in summer, fresh and dehumidified air is introduced, thanks to the cooling mode of the heat pump.

The Fraccaro hydronic kit combines technology, design and innovation to optimize the space and increase the efficiency of the radiant strips and the heat pump.

Thanks to the modulating condensing heat generator, in winter, the heat input of the radiant circuit is adjusted to the real needs of the heated room.

Power for heating and cooling is calculated based on the external temperature and the internal needs of the room, thus allowing to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


How it work?

In mid-season, the GIRAD HYBRID condensing radiant strips turn on automatically when the external temperature conditions do not guarantee the possibility of making the most from renewable energy, or when the power required in the building is greater than the power supplied by the heat pump. Both technologies are governed to always achieve maximum efficiency.

In winter GIRAD HYBRID ensure lower operating costs thanks to the operation of the condensing radian strips.

In spring and summer, when the temperature inside the room is high, GIRAD HYBRID allows to uniformly cool the industrial building thanks to the high induction air terminals powered by the heat pump in cooling mode.