Heat exchangers for Industrial ovens

Heat exchangers for Industrial ovens

Heat exchanger and burners of ovens for drying process and heating of liquids.
Possible applications:

  • Process liquid Heating
  • Heating and drying of various materials
  • Drying plants
  • Painting ovens
  • Food baking


  • Reliability
  • Low operation costs
  • Excellent process control
  • Easy use and maintenance

Innovation and quality

  • Make-up air suction burners with stainless steel box
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Multiventuri combustion unit
  • Burners with thermal power from 10 to 300kW
  • Two-stage operation
  • Full operation in very short time
  • No thermal unit are required
  • Compact
  • Low operation costs
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Eco friendly
  • Low CO and NOX emissions
  • Reliable and durable products
  • Efficiency above 90%
  • Thermal power 40-300kW

Exchangers and heaters for ovens

Oven for marble drying plant

Igref fraccaro

Internal design and production

Igraf fraccaro

More info

The IGRAF burner is of atmospheric mixing make-up air type, while the heat exchanger is of direct radiation type.
Our design and production principles are based on a consolidated know-how.
Several problems affecting IGRAF exchangers and burners manufacturing process were solved and led to the production of highly flexible and modular components, able to meet any need of the process heating